Product Care

A few quick recommendations for care:

  • Avoid lotions, cleaning products, tanning products and perfumes - chemicals from these products can cause discolouration. 
  • All metals are delicate, so treat your piece with love and care. I recommend taking your pieces off while swimming or undertaking any other sporting activities.

    Sterling Silver
    Sterling silver is perfect for everyday wear. All sterling silver will naturally oxidise over time; to care for your piece simply polish with a silver polishing cloth, all sterling silver orders come with a polishing cloth. Alternatively, you can purchase in store or online. Clean your piece of jewellery gently using the cloth. 



    Tarnish occurs for many reasons and is subject to the environment of the wearer. Tarnish is not a manufacturing fault as many different things such as perfumes, moisturisers, chlorine, tanning lotions and cleaning chemicals can cause it. Tarnishing of metals can also be caused by acidity in someone’s skin. Tarnish can also be a result of oxidation from the way items are stored. Oxidation is a natural process that occurs from the combination of oxygen with a substance forming oxide. This can be caused by either lack of oxygen or too much oxygen exposure. It is recommended your pieces are stored in a purpose-made jewellery box. I find that a simple polish with a clean microfibre or jewellery polishing cloth will remove tarnish.